Hi!   My name is Ajay, a Software Developer by choice.
I love technology and seeing it from design perspective.
My urge of knowledge is never ending and coincidentally I am an engineer.

What I know will better define who I am

Languages in which I have worked in includes x86 Assembly, C, Java, Python, Ruby,
Php, Javascript, HTML/CSS. C and Python are the languages I speak frequently.
I have been developing web application in RAILS, Ember.js, Node.js, native android applications, embedded firmwares as Software Developer.

I keep wondering...

I like working in the fields of InfoSec, software development, wireless security and web development.

I also like dreaming, peace, sometimes being alone, brain storming and milk powder.

Always building something...

Currently I am working full time at PayU where I am breaking existing monoliths into micro services using both reactive and orchestration architecture.

Sometimes I play with wireshark, metasploit, burpsuite, scapy, aircrack-ng, python etc.
Recently there was an issue in Amazon Aurora RDS instance because of which Rails ActiveRecord as well as any mysql client was crashing on `SELECT` query.
I ended up analyzing network packets by taking a dump using tcpdump and finding out that it was encoding issue because of which clients were actually not able to
understand mysql packets properly and were closing the connection.

When I find WEP protected wifi in the surrounding, often I end up doing SSL MITM using aircrack-ng, burpsuite, and wifi pumpkin.

Where shall I start...

802.11 DOS Attack by proactive deauth packet Injection

This project takes advantage of flaw in the data link layer of IEEE 802.11 (wifi) protocol. A denial of service attack is made on wireless network by proactively sniffing for stations connected to targeted access point and injecting deauth packet for them. A deauth packet is injected for each station connected to wireless access point. Sniffer thread continuosly monitors for data packet to detect connected stations. Injector thread injects deauth packet for each station connected to targeted access point.

Computer Network Worm

A computer network worm which exploits RPC DCOM vulnerability in unpatched windows XP to spread on the network. Image below shows the detection ratio of worm when it was written.

Worm does following:
-Adds startup entry in windows registry when executed first time.
-Detects all the network interfaces device is connected.
-Scans for other systems in the subnet and tries to infect them using RPC DCOM exploit.

Data Link Layer Wireless Intrusion Detection System

There are several attacks against wifi taking advantage of data link layer flaws in IEEE 802.11 protocol. This project is a simple python script which detects data link layer attacks by monitoring the packet count, timestamp, radiotap headers of each management frame.


  • Data link layer anamolies based wireless intrusion detection system capable of detecting various data link layer attack
  • Detects deauth attack and fake access point attack based on packet count and monitoring change in radiotap header
  • Just a simple python script, no complex setup needed

Beacon Packet Injection

Creates fake wifi access points by injecting fake 802.11 beacon packets in monitor mode.

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